Welcome To The New Parenting Wild Things Blog!

That’s right, Parenting Wild Things now has a blog!


Why? Well, because I want to create a space that’s for parents. I guess that seems obvious, huh? My main blog (Bohemian Bowmans) has outgrown the topic of parenting, I think. I’m wanting to really narrow the focus a bit over there so I’m splintering my interests into natural channels.


This site,which I already have up and running, seems like the perfect place to channel all of my parenting prose.


I’ll also be keeping you updated as the release of the 2nd edition of Parenting Wild Things nears. Make sure to like the facebook page, too. It’s going to be awesome over there. Really.


That’s it! Look for more in the future!




  1. Love it.
    123 magic says parents should not think of children as little adults but rather should loook at themselves as wild animal trainers. Kind of an aha moment for me.

    • So glad I was not drinking anything at the moment of reading that comment. ROFL!

      • hehehe 😀

        I laughed when I first heard that explanation, but it made me realize why I would get frustrated when I would try to discuss and argue with my kids and they just didn’t get it. Of course, it still happens, but less frequently.

  2. I’ll be here!

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